Pittsburgh Pinball League
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Earned for earning the DOHO badge.

Introduced 04/01/2015

Players With This Badge (19)

PlayerDate Earned
James Emanuel11/04/2022
Dave Lancaster10/13/2022
Dan Gold04/21/2022
Kevin Vitale04/17/2022
Todd Williams03/25/2022
Link Pietrusza10/10/2021
Harold Lessure03/01/2020
Marco Leal04/25/2019
Val Testa03/02/2019
Ellen Redinbaugh05/31/2018
Keith Rhodes02/01/2018
Melissa Rogers10/14/2017
Christian Dupain04/13/2017
Lewis Bevans02/24/2017
Fred Cochran10/06/2016
Erik Gatz05/26/2016
Catrina Enders01/21/2016
Nick Jaquay10/29/2015
Pete Hendricks04/23/2015